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you and i have not

(for kb and gm)

you and i have not
spoken since he died two
christmases ago –
or was it
last christmas,
hand in hand with
ignorance and
excuses – in
our hearts, there
are traces
because i have
no secrets from you

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: secrets

we promised that our

we promised that our
mothers would not call
each other when you or
i die, that we would
just feel it,
long before the
conversations would
not take place.
you have a plan
to haunt my dreams
serenading our george
michael. i promise
not to be prepared,
so that i can be so
unprepared for
at least one thing

christmas sunday, we

christmas sunday, we
dust off our best memories,
take them for a spin,

laying everything vintage
at the foot of our stained glass saints