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yesterday, seven

mom’s azaleas take

even with great care

even with great care
and painstaking
cultivation, there
will be differences
in response, variations
in growth, and
deviations to
the degree in
which one turns
towards the dark

with proper care, small

with proper care, small
silences that mean no can
be gathered, pruned, and

arranged into a yes. it
takes calculated practice

all numbers are wrong

all numbers are wrong
numbers at two-thirty, when
the body has just
snatched a corner of
sleep, the thoughts of you
just loosening from
the soil of day

the first time you really

the first time you really
see something, there is
an off-season tilling
in the garden of the
mind. if you are
very still, you could
feel a gentle
at the
roots, but more
often than not,
there is a numbness
bordering between
doubt and awe.
the best thing to do is
to keep your
gardening gloves on
because there is
still a lot of work
to be done

even when we planted

even when we planted
them right next to
each other, differences
arose, and it may take
more than a few
open gestures,
a handful of days in
the sun, and waiting
through a storm or
two to flush out
the similarities