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with any game, we

with any game, we
dive in without reading the rules –
a divination

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: divination


this late into the

this late into the
game, i am so tired, wanting
to be pulled away

three days before heading

three days before heading
home, a ball of nerves
tumbles in the chest,
jostled and batted around
like the best
game of post-election
pinball ever played,
where the score is
already in the trillions,
you’re playing right
into enemy territory,
and all the flashing
lights, bells and noise-
makers seem to only make
the ball move faster –
keeping up is essentially
adding so many
zeroes and counting on
that slingshot save

you laugh at me when

you laugh at me when
i try to play guessing games
with my heart –

i can’t decide which
category i’m in

what do you mean you
can’t decide if you are a

satisficer or a maximizer?
there should be a third
category – when one makes
a decision and continues
to reconsider the options
over and over.

oh, how did you know?
there is a third category

a kiss in the middle of
so many kisses for
still wanting me

you shouldn’t have kissed

you shouldn’t have kissed
me, you should have
kissed me more. you
shouldn’t have
kissed me, you should
have kissed me more.

in every version of
this game, i lose

i only want you

i only want you
for as long as i cannot
have you
– some things are

easily this complex, as
if we were never meant to win

because we have become

because we have become
one another’s best
references for joy,
love, loss, and pain,
we can make new
discoveries with more
clarity and in half
the time and effort it
would take were
we to go at it
alone. when life
is a big jigsaw, and
time is a toddler caught
stealing pieces, it’s
always better to
have an ally