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back when we used to

back when we used to
exchange letters, everything
was more – like meeting

in grand central this november,
recalling the length of your hair


when we were water,

when we were water,
we didn’t have tongues to hold
back the words, trading

secrets effortlessly, with
abundance approaching drowning

it’s true, i never

it’s true, i never
wrote about you,
in neither of the
simple nor elaborate
accordion space of
twelve years, not a
word in even the
most imperceptible
folds, it would seem
i am now making
up for lost time, like
a gypsy creature
tuning her la vie
en rose
on the bleecker street
station platform,
skirt swaying

you and i have

you and i have
at least one
memory of each
other that is so
old, when we
pick it up, it leaves
a distinct outline
of its shape on the
mantles of our
brains. for this
reason, we can go
for long absences,
knowing that
the imprint only
grows stronger

day sixty-one, i

day sixty-one, i
realized i had never seen
you smile so damn much.
packed expertly into a
half bent, tapered
morning, the
first sips were
heavenly, holding
your mouth
in my mouth,
without burning
too hot or too fast

i never pretend to be more

i never pretend to be more
or less involved than i am at any
given moment. if i do pretend to
pretend, it is so that i can tell you
later, perhaps make you laugh,
nervously, as if you don’t want to be
in on the secret. soon, i will have to
stop writing this down so that
you can stop reading. truth, lie, or
dare, let’s pretend to pretend
until we can tell each other
later, when desire
is a long spent thing

4:06 a.m., you ordered a

4:06 a.m., you ordered a
ballad, as if it were on the
menu, called for it like
we had just spun the
wheel of fortune, and we
landed fairly far
afield into the post-
9/11 inappropriate
Bangles, but you
whispered close enough
as though you knew Bette
Midler was queued up next,
and we were hours till dawn