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a touch of color,

between cooking and

between cooking and
serving an entire thanksgiving
meal, with whipped cream on

top of freshly baked pie, you hollered
coffee from the couch and ruined it

one to weigh the dough,

one to weigh the dough,
one to roll it out, and one
to make golden brown –

and not so suddenly, we
have fresh lefse in the house

it takes months of work

i always worried

i always worried
that i wouldn’t know how to
pick the freshest, sweetest,
ripest vegetables when
it came down to it,
standing in front of
a pile of greens, reds,
oblongs. in between
snippets of conversations
with fellow shoppers,
even ones who look like
they’re on a mission,
i finally realized
it’s mostly guesswork

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: guesswork


some days, surprises

it’s a delicate

it’s a delicate
balance, wanting
to jump
ship or stay
put. freshness
holds tonight
and maybe tomorrow
night hostage,
says very little

not crying in the

not crying in the
shower because it’s cliché
allows for half a
dozen other options,
like turning the valve
all the way to the
right until the heart
clinches, or turning
it fully left until
conviction melts.
then there’s always
the option of turning
it off – some people
consider crying
in the shower,
while others
stand in long lines
waiting to fill their pails

you came back to the

you came back to the
city from a week at the
lakes smelling
different, new. at first
we thought it was
nature, the woods,
fresh air, and then
maybe the hotel soap.
by evening, we
identified it as
sunscreen and,
while you unpacked, i
was able to put away
the thought of
separation, restock
the shelf behind
our bathroom
mirror with all
of your familiar things

across freshly

across freshly
fallen snow, you make
your way – the world
seems tender
and yet, so cold