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if carried away,

as portals through time

we act as if time

we act as if time
were limitless, not seeing
the hour, the minute,
the second until it’s out
of view, unrealized
you tell me this
at the bus stop,
waiting for
the 22 on Mission,
as if it were the best
place to stop time,
delay departures

autumn minutes

autumn minutes
require more
cushioning, it’s true –
for every second
we spend on one
another, we pull
more tightly to the
seconds that remain,
sipping on the
hour like it’s the
best hot chocolate
the city has to offer

from the lost

from the lost
side of
me, i still
dream of you –
time is a flexible
thing, leaving
bread crumbs
where only
the subconscious
can follow

just as in