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we are bringing wok-

we are bringing wok-
roasted peanuts
back – from grandma’s
kitchen to mom’s to

mine, each with her own fire and
flair, with more than a grain of salt

nineteen weeks later,

nineteen weeks later,
we are home again, the fire
is on, the water

is running, the fridge is full,
we make noise like happy children

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: home

one day, our memories

one day, our memories
will no longer spark – you will
be left holding the

flint, and i will be steel, tired
of matching wits, igniting

it is stated in countless

it is stated in countless
handbooks and hazard
identification trainings
that whenever a dust
layer of as little as one-
thirty-second of an
inch accumulates,
immediate cleaning is
warranted to prevent
combustion. i had often
thought that somehow, this
pain would be
useful, drawing close
each layer like a
comforter, a coat,
an armor, a potential,
not knowing enough
about chemistry
and vents
and letting go

birdwatching in our

reality and

reality and
imagination are our
favorite sticks to

rub together when we are
ready to take on the world

when we rub these two

the degree to which

fueled by

about the fire that

about the fire that
spreads into the
bones, the rhythm of
the flames that
licks our feet
you have it,
and i have it –
awash in music,
we are at once
lit up