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in the blink of an

in the blink of an
eye, we will be
on the other
side, dusting off
all that fuss

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: fuss

at palindrome lunch-

at palindrome lunch-
time, we catch each other’s eye,
let loose our hunger

apple of my eye,

light newly traces

on the opposite

on the opposite
side of the track, you rivet
me, and as the train
rushes into the station
early, the eye is electric
performing a swift
jigsaw puzzling of
your face, arms,
legs, look, pose
, then
putting them back
together again, linked
in slivers
of glass and gaps
between coupled
cars, a classic
theme and variation

on the outermost

on the outermost
edges of a hurricane,
hidden from the eye,
there is an atmospheric
pull on the jagged corners
of our imagination,
a tremendous pressure
to unbuckle

under a watchful