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let us look for signs

here is a thing i

here is a thing i
do or am finding myself
newly doing, an
adding-on to my
life experiences
because of you –
after certain
deaths, a scouring
through the cloud,
gathering of data,
zeroes and ones,
for evidence, any
sign of neglect
when i could have
singlehandedly, if
not so effortlessly,
plucked this
future pain from
our hearts, an
unbelievably self-
preserving, ego-
centric, and
indulgent thought,
as if i could
wrap it securely
around my heart
to forget you

you are a box of

you are a box of
select confetti
one stamped ticket,
a wilted bouquet
of concert
a handful
of movie stubs

every so often

every so often
we bump into the edges
of each other’s world

i have framed the evidence
it jingles in my pocket