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wash, rinse, dry, repeat,

wash, rinse, dry, repeat,
wash, rinse, dry, apply lotion,
repeat – just when you

think you’ve got the routine down
pat, they make room for error

these days are heavy,

these days are heavy,
no, even heavier, when there’s
no room for error

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: room

A4 and i are

A4 and i are
passing a piece of junk mail
back and forth, meant for

B2. the name and address don’t
match, so the advertisers lose

deliberate judgment

by the fourth

by the fourth
generation, you
either start to
slack or you get
. no matter
what they tell
you, there is
always a margin
for error. on
the other hand,
there is no
solution for the
lackluster tone
in summing up
history as if it
were for granted

under the sun, beached

this morning, there were fish

this morning, there were fish
falling from the sky, one
symphonic stroke
away from the character
for rain. on paper, there
is less room
for erring, but when
you are a beginner,
magic comes
naturally at the turn
of the tongue –
a horse mistaken for
mother, an offered
pillow instead of warm
dumplings, and if
you’re really not
careful, you learn
to shrink
instead of love