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there is a bit of

there is a bit of
you that takes me
out of me –
that’s what it
boils down to –
an awakening
that is more like
a peeling away

here is a thing i

here is a thing i
do or am finding myself
newly doing, an
adding-on to my
life experiences
because of you –
after certain
deaths, a scouring
through the cloud,
gathering of data,
zeroes and ones,
for evidence, any
sign of neglect
when i could have
singlehandedly, if
not so effortlessly,
plucked this
future pain from
our hearts, an
unbelievably self-
preserving, ego-
centric, and
indulgent thought,
as if i could
wrap it securely
around my heart
to forget you


here is the fine line

here is the fine line
between love and
overkill. place it
between everything
and nothing that leads
to security vulnerability.
let that be our
safety valve