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my six aunts and

my six aunts and
uncle gather around
grandma’s hospital
bed, allowing
the performance of
procedure to overtake the
art of living.
Their hands
are collectively
tied in the pursuit
of individual

grandma looks
on, one against
six, a tube down
her throat, mindful
of cumulative losses.

as in every
situation, time
flexes its
muscles, taunting us
to hold on or let go
while duty,
devotion, and rivalry
measure us for both

we are all more or

for years, my father

for years, my father
rose before sunrise so that
we could sleep soundly –

we flourished in certainty
when love was something simple

duty and freedom

privacy is dead –

in the beginning,

in the beginning,
even love
was stunned
by the news.
but a pinch
older and
wiser, happiness
had often stepped
aside for
duty and
luckily knew
exactly when and
where to smile