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drowning doesn’t look

drowning doesn’t look
the way one suspects it looks
every time, it takes

something as hard and soft as
water to appear uplifted

the heart, troubled, can

the heart, troubled, can
fool itself and companion
organs to help speed
its demise. it’s a lose-
lose situation, stretching to
compensate, stretching
to compensate –
in the end, our
bodies are altogether
witness, criminal, and
location of a drowning

it seems that the spider

it seems that the spider
who drowned this morning
in my tub merely
fainted when i pulled
him out – if only i had
a kiss small enough
to revive him now.
a tub is nowhere
for a spider to
find a home


when i consider

when i consider
fighting without
you, the oversight
stings me – sky
breaks rank from
horizon, an eighth
ocean discovers
my lungs, and
i am a micro-
second too late
to assume
crash position