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every time we come

every time we come
back together, after spending
many moons apart,

there is a collective sigh,
a letting go of defenses

and so it is, i

and so it is, i
am once again
over- and under-
thinking things like
you without a primer,
over- and under-
sensing the range for
exploration, the
extent to which
we can still
over- and under-
flexing the muscle
that gets me most
in trouble

maybe absence is

maybe absence is
also a form of
violence. for
those who have
experienced more
or less, i can only
nearly imagine
how it is absolutely
not. please forgive
me for accepting
how much it stings

on the edge of daylight

on the edge of daylight
saving, i am mostly
awake, lodged in
the trilateration of
past, present, and
future, in search
of a fourth
time. i experiment
with pouring tea – a cup
in present-past is at once
cooler than a cup in
present-future. i
experiment with the
newly nesting thoughts
of you – and arrive
and arrive again at
unknown coordinates

distance is the great

distance is the great
revealer – you are miles and miles
and miles away, i

am weaving such a tale, heavy
with details, just to reach you

when i heard today

when i heard today
that NASA had discovered
a new solar system with seven
earth-like planets, i sighed
thank god as if i were
closer to getting off
this one. other lures:
the system’s star
is an ultracool
named TRAPPIST-1,
no abrahamic relations, and
cosmically speaking,
40 light years away
is only right next door

i started the morning off

i started the morning off
with chocolate. no one
has to know unless i
somehow give it away,
warn you, for example,
that the irresistibly smooth,
buttery caramel center
was a lie, or that always
eat your chocolate
at room temperature,
especially truffles
does not cover all rooms
since you’ve went away.
at any rate, there is one
less person to count the
remaining pieces,
no one has to know