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memories sometimes

memories sometimes
turn into silhouettes, we
can still remember

the shape, but need one another
to help fill in the details

perhaps the details

perhaps the details
that matter now will no longer
matter a year, a

day, eleven minutes from
now – we are all poor prophets

eight acres and a

eight acres and a
babbling brook
– some catalogues
are this specific,

we only wish we could afford
to miss any of the details

three months, three years, three

perhaps months,

perhaps months,
years from now, these
days will become
foggy, it’s how our
minds insist on
playing games with
our hearts – now you see
me, now you don’t

we have no choice as
witnesses, obligated
to make out every
fine detail in the
heightened haze

forty-three hours have

forty-three hours have
passed since we lost you. i hide
the details
from my-

self, don’t get too close to the
edges for fear of falling

all day, i keep

all day, i keep
forgetting that you
left us this morning,
and even now, when
i quiet my heart to
take in the news, i
hear old news, when
you called eight years
ago to say that he’s
gone, and do not be
sad, it was so peaceful,
you were reading to him
as he sat in his favorite
chair, and then
you were reading.
tonight, i am not ready
for the details just yet.
there are no brave
messengers. you are
gone, but not yet gone

distance is the great

distance is the great
revealer – you are miles and miles
and miles away, i

am weaving such a tale, heavy
with details, just to reach you

leave it to a snow

gathering the right

gathering the right
ingredients for something
takes time – here is a

week – fill it in with details,
build it a lemony spine