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reflecting on the

reflecting on the
impermanence of it all, i
will not endeavor

to stick around longer than
rationed by time, seek attachments

i am doing the

i am doing the
thing i do best, please don’t
discourage. in the light of
day, self-preservation
absentmindedly pulls
on the drawstrings
to tighten the hood
of detachment
so that looking out
beats looking in

there are a lot of

there are a lot of
things that i don’t
say – like how even
with you, i get
lonely sometimes,
or how i prefer
the loneliness
to making a run
for it – okay,
maybe only one
or two things

in place of the sun

in place of the sun
or the moon
in our town,
we have the
empire state to the
north, the one
world trade
to the south.
in place of the
tranquility of
we have anchored
ourselves in the
center divvying
up a flood
of memories

there can be only

in every morning

if i could, i would like to

if i could, i would like to
break down, fasten the ends
of the things we know best
about each other to a thousand
parachutes and let go. but
most interventions are
traps – the evening sky
holds the same stars and,
despite inexhaustible
interpretations, our
bolero, the same notes