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we act as if time

we act as if time
were limitless, not seeing
the hour, the minute,
the second until it’s out
of view, unrealized
you tell me this
at the bus stop,
waiting for
the 22 on Mission,
as if it were the best
place to stop time,
delay departures

the light is often

flying into LaGuardia

flying into LaGuardia
on the fourth of
july, with nothing
to make up for
the five-hour delay,
when out of the
city of lights,
an entire garden
lit up, wild blossoms
reaching to greet us

there is something

there is something
about the
airport that sucks
an entire day
away, tucks it into
the little granular
pockets sewn into
the inside of its
black hole –
something that
brings people
together, or tears
people away
from their
better selves