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there are decisions

there are decisions
that beget other decisions –
we break for lunch, not

knowing how one thing here could
possibly alter the other


by the time i make

by the time i make
a decision about you,
it will be too late –
this is not
how these things
go, it is how
i go, cutting it
close until it
doesn’t matter
how close –
i will not mind
losing if it
means you win

you laugh at me when

you laugh at me when
i try to play guessing games
with my heart –

i can’t decide which
category i’m in

what do you mean you
can’t decide if you are a

satisficer or a maximizer?
there should be a third
category – when one makes
a decision and continues
to reconsider the options
over and over.

oh, how did you know?
there is a third category

a kiss in the middle of
so many kisses for
still wanting me

i don’t know what i

i don’t know what i
am doing on my best days,
let alone the rest –
sleep is always over-
or underrated and never
quite the solution

i practice being

i practice being
unlovable when
circumstances call
for it. it is so much
easier to be let
go than to let go

you ask me in what

you ask me in what
direction, and the easy
answer is towards,

always towards you, as if
there had been an ounce of despair

not crying in the

not crying in the
shower because it’s cliché
allows for half a
dozen other options,
like turning the valve
all the way to the
right until the heart
clinches, or turning
it fully left until
conviction melts.
then there’s always
the option of turning
it off – some people
consider crying
in the shower,
while others
stand in long lines
waiting to fill their pails