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a mountain’s toss a-

a mountain’s toss a-
way from big sur, we lean into
the view before the

view, every curve weighted, clouds
binding multiple illusions


line by line, curve by

he said you must have

he said you must have
had an inkling
, and i
immediately started
dialing through
the sounds and tastes
of an inkling, how
one could possibly
curve around all that
silence, travel for
miles to stay
grounded, look
me straight in the
eye to avoid
detection. no one
ever wins at hide
and seek – the
winner is the loser
who waits in
the dark,
not an inkling

the edge of the bed

the edge of the bed
traps dreams
the way glass
seemingly traps
water before it
overflows. you
are asleep and on
the other side,
i am on this side
still feeling for the
edges of dreaming

we are all at once

we are all at once
secure and insecure
about the space
between us –
with no agreed upon
unit of measurement,
we have to
negotiate every
vibration, adapt
to each curve,
swallow words
in different
combinations and feel
the push and pull
of acceleration
with a new gravity

absence has a shape –

absence has a shape
how else do we keep bumping
into every edge,

rounding every curve until
we can’t find where we started

waking and dreaming