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after one too many

after one too many
cheerful reviews from
the industry about
industry products, a
renewed realization
that the media was
meant to sell more
media, and there
weren’t meant to
be many choices
beyond tuning in

when image contains

when image contains
black friday, cyber monday,
giving tuesday, and

cyber week, do the following:
move to trash on the corner

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: image

in one way

in one way
or another,
we are all tethered
to greedland,
eating it up
in the same
fashion, trying
to set ourselves
apart by how
cleanly we wipe
our chins
after the feast

at the mall, cool air

at the mall, cool air
hits us like a
breeze on the
beach, and the
mechanical waves
from twin escalators
welcome us to
take a ride. it’s
summer, and
we are here to
hold hands

the signs of the times