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yes, we are in the

yes, we are in the
business of stacking up, some
hide it well, others

don’t bother – it’s all the same,
whether you admit it or not

the neighbors compete

the neighbors compete
to see who is even more

american – flags waving,
pumpkins piled high, still grilling

maybe we are in

maybe we are in
competition and we don’t
know it, just missing

each other in the bamboo
grove, from winter into spring

twin dogwood trees in

on a scale of walking

on a scale of walking
into traffic and
walking into the sea,
last night i
chose the sea,
and when i reached it,
you called me
out of the blue,
an accusatory tone
in your voice,
taking me back
to the days when
i’d arrive at my
childhood home
and not ring you up.
i was found out,
i leaned the
heaviness against you
so that i could
find a new
balance, and you
shifted so that you
could accommodate
the weight. i
wandered alongside,
instead of into,
though the sound of
the waves will always
compete with your voice