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i am looking to have

i am looking to have
these seconds taken
, slightly tapered
to fit. after eleven
weeks without your
touch, it no longer
makes sense for
every second to trail
just as long as when
you were holding
me, every allure to
dance just as loose

longing is a loose

longing is a loose
thread – so much
and not enough
tugging yields
an absolute
emptiness, a piece
of ourselves
that has lost
its shape

regret sits in the

regret sits in the
driveway, hangs from
the doorknob, catches
some sun on the
wardrobe, listens in
when someone uses
the word garbage.
on the other hand,
regret sits in the
car lot, hangs in
the department store,
catches some sun
off the neck of
a mannequin in
the window, fully
marked up, sale over