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in the middle of

in the middle of
the night in a pandemic,
someone is doing

laundry, the water swishes like
an alarm throughout the building

the sun brushes through

the sun brushes through
a city’s skyline
with the same
comb as it does
newly turned autumn
leaves, making shadows
dance as we lead
and follow from one
place to the next

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: follow

at the tail-end of

i tuck memories

i tuck memories
into each corner of these
city streets – cross, do

not cross, pivot, turn around –
messages from another me

there is a bit of

there is a bit of
desert in the city, story
after secluded

story, waiting for the sun
to light upon it just right

the best thing about

the best thing about
living near the pool is the
option to not get

into it whenever we
don’t feel like it, just like living

in the city, in
the center of town, is to
say no, thanks when guests

line up for the greatest in
architectural designer

statuesque extra-
vaganza. we can take a peek,
drop by, anytime

in the beginning was

in the beginning was
the word, and the word
was stella, rapping so
gently at my
window with her icy
knuckles this morning –
despite forecasts
and city shutdowns
and a state of emergency
declaration and thousands
of plows deployed
across the boroughs,
and lining up outside
grocery stores under
a cool blue sky –
despite everything, still
leaning on her southern
charm, like a new art form

before she becomes

before she becomes
fully human, Vivienne can
break up time in the

middle of the night – in cries, in
song, penetrating walls and dreams

we meet at the park

autumn minutes

autumn minutes
require more
cushioning, it’s true –
for every second
we spend on one
another, we pull
more tightly to the
seconds that remain,
sipping on the
hour like it’s the
best hot chocolate
the city has to offer