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the songs we sing

the songs we sing
to each other are
getting older, the
words sometimes
escape –
whether we mean to
or not, we take
a backseat to
the formula, allow
the chord progression
to drive us back

before he died, my dentist used to sing

before he died, my dentist used to sing
along to the best of Motown under

that strict surgical mask to scatter the
anxieties, scramble the unknown.

after he left, his small operation was
sold, and those Motown chords were left

on the curb, disbanded, structureless.
on some evenings, under the Washington

Square Arch, you can hear a handful
gathering, unscrambling the known –

the formula to making something
beautiful can be made up of so little

every now and

every now and
then, we wander
into a terrain
so familiar to our
core – a frequency
that resonates

in our bones
like an authentic
cadence – our
bodies know
exactly what
to do next.
don’t look at
me like that when
i ask whether
you want to
roll down
with me

there is a definite

there is a definite
progression to your
stride – rooted
to the note
of absolute
, doubled
at the octave,
spaced for
harmonic clarity