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new chapters arrive

there are chapters of

there are chapters of
my heart that require
fried chicken – yes,
i am asking you
to forgive me
for these dog-eared,
oil-stained pages –
they are most delicious

let us nurture the

let us nurture the
things we do not yet
know of each other –
memories saved in lost
pockets for rainy
days, chapters
that turn up on every
other corner
in the east village,
the strangeness
that only gets
stranger with
waiting – allow
us to earn
more questions

a couple of chapters into

a couple of chapters into
sitting quite still, except
for the captive bird
between my hands –

a bait of
sentences into the stream
of my pulsating
brainwaves –

i am peeled
away so gently
by the loveliest
of daggers

i am reinventing
the moon,
the word impossible