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in flight, we become

in flight, we become
without language, for a brief
moment, molecules

rattling in their cellular
cages, till you take my hand

in the life cycle

in the life cycle
of every skin
cell, there is
birth, awareness,
and death.
soon, the last
of the cells that knew
your touch will nearly
all at once
complete their
migration to
the surface, spread
their seasoned
wings, and
dive, dive –
no one
will know
the difference


our bodies make bridges

our bodies make bridges
long before our brains think
to cross them – each cell
vibrates with awareness,
leans into memory to
support their next move.
it’s the reason our
hair stand on end
before we see
an impending
hazard, why we
turn around to catch
each other’s eyes
before we know
what to do