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there are phases of

there are phases of
Moon that will forever light
up specific cells,

activating love, loss, pain,
and then all over again

there will be milli-

there will be milli-
seconds when all you can do
is resist – between

signals, synapses, and spring,
everything is a trigger

perhaps months,

perhaps months,
years from now, these
days will become
foggy, it’s how our
minds insist on
playing games with
our hearts – now you see
me, now you don’t

we have no choice as
witnesses, obligated
to make out every
fine detail in the
heightened haze

there is an old, new

there is an old, new
paralysis – a hitchhiker
on the most bearable
days, a parasite on
the worst – that pins
down a hand, an
arm, a leg, a morsel
of every hour, crushing
the cells and membranes
of day. we feel
sick about it all
the time, emerge
from the stupor
spasmodically to ask
one another for best and
worst case scenarios,
readjust our negativity
bias for a version
of survival


between this bite and

between this bite and
the next, an unfathomable
number of synapses
and you, caught
in the dendrites,
encoding, retrieving,
encoding, retrieving

daily, the ratio of our

daily, the ratio of our
defenses to foreign
invasions appears
balanced. without
acknowledging the
expectation, we are
often surprised
when we break down

here are the cells

here are the cells
hanging onto those
memories of stepping
into the light in your
bedroom, with all the
immensity that comes
with introductions.
each remaining
mitochondria draws
towards the east-facing
bay windows, as if
there were still
something left to
break down, turn
into new nostalgia.
each golgi apparatus
looks for clues at
the edges of a peripheral
vision too shy to be
curious, while pretending
to be bold on that
particular afternoon.
to tell the truth, all
nuclei begin to lose
the integrity of a
moment recalled
as soon as the
moment is recalled

there are days when i

there are days when i
am sixty signals from
falling, sixty-one
from taking
flight, eighty
signals to
spreading my
wings, one
signal away
from you

sneaking in a bath

sneaking in a bath
before sunrise, i have all
the hot water in

the world, and no one is waiting –
dreams shake loose, float towards the edge

at the edge of