Tagged: cause and effect

there are decisions

there are decisions
that beget other decisions –
we break for lunch, not

knowing how one thing here could
possibly alter the other


some day, the actions

some day, the actions
we take and the actions we
do not take will be
finely detailed in reams
of schematics, outlining
the exact series of
electrical pulses that
take us from point A
to point B. when we are
in danger of breaking,
you or i will pull down
the heaviest volumes,
pinky-swear until the
cows come home that
we will get to the bottom
of this, not allow
each other to experience
so much vulnerability

being an arm’s

being an arm’s
length away
from comfort, we
can so easily
forget how
lucky we are,
use our hands and
fingers like
fiery weapons

inside every