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time catches up with

time catches up with
us, meal after meal. we break
bread together, in

community, pretending
to be ageless, no, carefree

in time, dreams will catch

we promised that our

we promised that our
mothers would not call
each other when you or
i die, that we would
just feel it,
long before the
conversations would
not take place.
you have a plan
to haunt my dreams
serenading our george
michael. i promise
not to be prepared,
so that i can be so
unprepared for
at least one thing


the things we know

the things we know
about each other
will never catch up
to the things we
do not and will not
know. especially
in the end, we
will wonder
how we missed
so much, why
we never asked
what we were
meant to ask