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after some use, hearts

after some use, hearts
lose that pealing
sound, the one
that brings islands
closer, as if you
were folding up
a map, finally
confident in your
way. after some
use, the thumping
wears away the
lining, hollows out
a dull ache, abandons
red Xs across small
towns, major cities –
treasure exhausted,
no need to return

for every longitude

for every longitude
for the very
first time, the brain
pushes through a
limit of compilation,
draws a new doodle
to symbolize this
street, this corner,
this hand-holding.
for every latitude,
we break down in
laughter, spin
the compass

mapping the migration

mapping the migration
of your lips requires a
team of molecular
cartographers, glowing
in the heat of the
survey as you extend
each coordinate. in the
age of exploration,
no landscape is
too laborious