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arrivals are like

arrivals are like
departures only at the
curb – cars
left running,
waiting for a sign

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: running

we’ve all been in the

we’ve all been in the
backseat, softly rocked
by the perennial hum
of the road, shifting
into the subtle curve
of sleep. do not
the magnetic pull
of gravel, known
to lie in wait
even for our
dream’s dreams

my dad passed down the love

my dad passed down the love
for Volkswagens the way
folks passed on their
ancestry – one vibrant
story at a time
. and
traveling through the
milestones in a VW
or two certainly
stoked the enchantment

regret sits in the

regret sits in the
driveway, hangs from
the doorknob, catches
some sun on the
wardrobe, listens in
when someone uses
the word garbage.
on the other hand,
regret sits in the
car lot, hangs in
the department store,
catches some sun
off the neck of
a mannequin in
the window, fully
marked up, sale over

hope catches the

hope catches the
light off the high-grade
polish, streams out
of the rolled-down
windows and exhaust
pipe, purrs with
the engine on I-85
after escaping from
an evening at
the body shop
you know
the feeling – both
your mind and
your wallet feel
a whole lot lighter

the moment you see

the moment you see
spaghetti junction, there is
barely room to breathe
let alone be diverted —
it’s the stuff of childhood
dreams: crisscrossing
multi-laned highways
from which to launch
the Tonkas and Hot
Wheels, and no one
makes anyone ask
for directions

January turned a new

January turned a new
leaf at the last
stoplight. we were
beginning to have
our doubts, but
when she saw
green, she shifted
gears, gunned it,
and left us cold

even monday sometimes

even monday sometimes
lets slip a thing
of beauty –
slithering flurries chased
by fiery headlights, homeward
bound, across these
outer-borough dreams