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sort of measuring

sort of measuring
time by the expiration
date on a bottle
of painkillers is
realizing that
the journey*
hasn’t been
all that bad –
let’s divide and
conquer what’s
left of it before
the potency
wears off

* Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you to WordPress and Editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands for highlighting my six-year journey of daily posts. You can check it out in today’s Discover post round-up.

Thanks to the post, I’ve also discovered Andy Townend and his Poetry 101 Rehab prompts, a weekly post to inspire fellow bloggers. The above is inspired by this week’s prompt, Odyssey.

Thank you, as always, for reading, and have a healthy and peaceful new year!


the same heart carries

the same heart carries
exasperation as the
same bottle can be

used to hold poison – unchecked,
we pour only what we store

love’s cancellation

love’s cancellation
arrives like a message in
a bottle, at last

so gentle, with no signs of
its tumultuous journey

it takes six tweezers, three

it takes six tweezers, three
screwdrivers, two bottles of
glue, one good wire snip,
a spool of longing, a bouquet
of drill bits, needles, and pins,
an anchor of kisses, and twelve
years to carve this wonder, hold
taut confusion, wrap joy
close, fold breathlessness
for two beats
before raising the masts
of those early days
waking up new
and near,
unfurling the sails of
an eternal spring
in a bottle
for the long journeys away
from you, my home


we suck romance out of
a bottle like it is the best soda pop
ever and only sold chilled
from a faceless man
with a dull metallic
cart and a sign that shouts
here today, gone tomorrow.

half a dozen empty bottles
later, we toss them into a Hefty
bag, place them out on the curb
and hide behind closed
curtains, waiting to see who
would come to recycle them

out in the more industrial parts
of bushwick, just when you think
no one is watching, someone can
creak half a wall of window open
from up in his concrete
loft and hit you with a balloon
filled with hot
racial molecules
not even remotely resembling
the elements in your hair
but then again
it is always easier
to label a person
when there is a safe stretch of
blindness in between