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i have weighted

i have weighted
of you
on some other
spring, under a new
straw hat, rose-hued,
a string to secure.

you were holding
my hand
on some other
spring, the sun
beating down on us, but
you never let go.

i have weighted
memories of you
like an old tune –
hold my hand through
this, because somewhere
a string will snap, muted


(for billie holiday)

billie holiday sat just
beyond the burning
horizon for six,
maybe seven, years
stringing her vocal cords
across a cheery red
spincasting rod,
swinging the line
forever into the dark
in the hopes of
nabbing this panfish.

then finally, on a
morning, with unnamed
sorrow in my heart,
billie’s line caught
and – after carrying a long
hard song into the rippling
darkness – she knew
this one was for keeps