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even after some

even after some
time and distance,
with years under
the belt, we will not
see a pattern, there
will be holes
in routines, we will get
lost somewhere,
searching a false
bottom for a semblance
of stability

it is always

it is always
easier to bookmark
your heart when
the story is still
very much

with just twelve
days under
my belt, i am
still walking into
each day, stunned,
as if it were an
unmarked chapter
folding me in
as i fumble
my way out,

in the end, when it is

in the end, when it is
totally over, you always
say to yourself, it can’t
be totally over. i don’t
mean that you have to
get all Steve Roach on
me and suspend time with
manufactured structures,
but at least help me
slice a slit into this
bulletproof ache, loosen
the belt on my
breathing, swap
in the good knees that
could withstand so much