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the climb is sometimes

behind every door

monday is a cold

bathing in the light

these days, we cannot

these days, we cannot
believe how unceasingly
behind we are, books

stacked knee-high, reports stuck to
other reports, paperweights

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: paperweights

only in the present

only in the present
can the past catch
a glimpse into the
future, taking
advantage of a
temporal tangle
of wires, a running
together of
living, if only to
say, did you mean
to leave all
of this behind?


ahead, a clogged

ahead, a clogged
bathtub. behind me,
a solution. we are so much
alike after all – one pot
of tea to calm my
nerves, two pots
of boiling water
to clear your drain