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there is beauty in

you say the city

you say the city
will eventually overtake
an individual –

that’s the way of math, beauty
to contain mystical truths

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: math

autumn finds us

in our gene of genes,

mom brings beauty

there is beauty in

spring arrives on tip-

spring arrives on tip-
toes, alighting an hour or
two into April.

be ready to negotiate,
have a music to barter

it’s all well and good

it’s all well and good
to state that we will not show
up, that we will take
to the streets, show
solidarity by stepping out
of housework, child
care, maybe apply
some self-care at
the local beauty
parlor, therapeutic
spa. meanwhile, a
host of silent women
will step in
to fill the gap, make
the lunches, file the
nails, listen to and
nod and listen to the
ones who insist on
being heard


no one has ever

no one has ever
had to say,
let’s practice
burying things
. it just
happens all too
naturally, fifteen
or so
feet under,
not quite out of
detection, but
deep enough
to call together
a group of engineers,
make redundant sweeps

sandwiched between last