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on the beach, anything

on the beach, anything
is possible – we
look towards the
endless blue
for a sign

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: endless

baker beach before

you took me to the

you took me to the
sutro baths, and those
late afternoon
edges were so
sharp, i pretended
to be brave.
against all
heights, i longed to
sink into the
waters to ground
myself, trading one
death for another

at the mall, cool air

at the mall, cool air
hits us like a
breeze on the
beach, and the
mechanical waves
from twin escalators
welcome us to
take a ride. it’s
summer, and
we are here to
hold hands

discretion passes

life finds its lull by the lapping

life finds its lull by the lapping
waters – our bodies succumb
to our embryonic instincts to float,
the muscles in our faces loosen, and
there is more play, better laughter.

not since Jaws has there been
a mass-produced fear associated
with these afternoons. not since Einstein
on the Beach
was there a need to check
our watches, quantify the time spent