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in the middle of

in the middle of
the night, a draft, making its way
out of the bathroom –

at one-thirty-four a.m., two
more drafts, crisscrossing the first

in the shower this

in the shower this
morning, i am
slowly turning
the knob towards
C for the final
rinse, so that when
i close my eyes,
i have a direct tap
into the atlantic

you came back to the

you came back to the
city from a week at the
lakes smelling
different, new. at first
we thought it was
nature, the woods,
fresh air, and then
maybe the hotel soap.
by evening, we
identified it as
sunscreen and,
while you unpacked, i
was able to put away
the thought of
separation, restock
the shelf behind
our bathroom
mirror with all
of your familiar things

absence finds me in

absence finds me in
the likeliest of places –
in the shower this
morning, when i
flip the soap over
so that the
lettering is on
top, there will
be no one to
flip it back


noah, i still

noah, i still
remember brushing
your three-year-old
teeth, at a time when every
minty-sweet flavor
was meant
to be tasted,
swallowed, and
happiness belonged
so naturally
in the bathroom
where water
ran intoxicatingly
with your laughter