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when you used the words

when you used the words
slippery slope to justify
a number of
politicking, you
dismiss the cliff
on the other side

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: slope

it takes a word to

the things we say

the things we say
to each other when
we think we are alone
should sometimes be
tried out
in a climate
controlled room

the neighbors upstairs

the neighbors upstairs
are rehearsing their
three a.m. scene
again – two
pairs of god-given
lungs made of the
same brilliant mettle,
awake and stirringly
alive, a private
an audience of
at least twenty
families – he thinks
she’s overly
dramatic, she
thinks he should
go to hell, and
the majority of
the action
creaks stage left


most mornings are

most mornings are
spent mending the
thoughts that were
unraveled the evening
before. it takes
a clear mind
to untie these
atomic knots

in frequencies outside

in frequencies outside
of the visual range,
a solar flare can
occur and disrupt
all radio
you can
shut down an
afternoon with one
unprovoked look


it’s past four a.m., and the family
of seven is out on the front
stoop, firing up
the same broken
pieces again. it’s a no-brainer –
they will end up calling
the police on each other
and the hoarse
lady of the house will be held
accountable during the final
showdown. amidst wailing
arrests, her four daughters
will not balk, and the youngest
toddler will hold tightly
to a free hand and learn –
here starts the sirens

as soon as you think
it’s finally
over, one of the daughters is
locked on the outside
of the complex again, yelling up
Mami and buzzing the gate,
yelling and buzzing
buzzing and yelling,
the only sane solution
is to shoot her in the lungs –
the sun is rising, you’ll
definitely get a good
shot – but in a neighborhood
where all are well-armed,
everyone is out of bullets
and just holding their breaths


“i’ve got to say, you don’t really…”

“are we going to have this conversation
between 3rd Avenue and Union Square?”

she tries to take his free hand as the train unlocks its brakes

“but i haven’t brought it up all week”

he pulls his hand back

“were you saving it till now?”

the train jerks into the bend
they hang on to the rails
a diverted response

given that we are built
to survive,
there are clearly
not enough
wars to wrap around this
tilted earth, simply not enough
strife to spread
across jilted generations.

these halfhearted attempts
are embarrassing
at best.

come on and gear up,
children, there’s a call
to arms, and you have got to
latch onto your best
childhood venom
because the bigotry
begins with you