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on the journey to

on the journey to
as american as apple
, we learn to yield

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: yield

outside of collecting

outside of collecting
the seeds, planting,
watering, growing,
pruning, nurturing,
fending off diseases,
harvesting, picking,
and storing the
apples ourselves,
yes, we made our
pie from scratch,
like every red-
blooded american should

to relent to

to relent to
this better
safe than sorry

foreign policy
is to realize
how far
we have strayed
from serving the
and how
easily greatness
can be redefined

i cannot remember

i cannot remember
the taste of the hot
chocolate, or whether
there were anything
especially Hungarian
about it, but i do recall
your smile and how
American you look

how to walk off an


the problem with having too much
space in the morning
to air your thoughts
is that you have to have more
thoughts. this is
as natural and irrefutable
as folding bedsheets
at eight a.m. alone
only to unfurl them
at eight p.m., still
alone, with barely
a clap of fabric
to acknowledge the latitude

In this world of hierarchies,
I guess we all need something beneath us.
– Jonathan Mooney, The Short Bus

almost american
you can’t coax an orange to grow
the way you can a migrant worker to
climb two stories into a tree of
thorns, atop a ladder nestled in
insecurity. you can also convince
him to stay up there until he picks
a nearest full ninety-nine-
pound sack, and then you can press him
into repeating himself sixty, seventy,
or eighty times – depending
on the fairness of
sky – and by nightfall
you can stuff forty-nine
dollars into his pocket and one
juicy orange into each of ours

john bowe excerpt