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the barrier of

the barrier of
doubt is also a blanket,
a safety net, an

algebraic equation
that i cannot step away from

a car has just pulled

a car has just pulled
up alongside the
curb and honked
three times, three
separate, but
related variables –
x, y, z – asking for
someone to solve
the unknowns.
as best they
could, the neighbors
are already acting on
their rudimentary
algebra, introducing
new variables into
the equation – as
expected, it requires
more noise


at any given moment

at any given moment
on the tongue,
there are subtle
equations being
solved, a mouthful
of knowns and
, a study of
polynomials –
in the field of complex
numbers, you cannot
swallow without giving
away a solution or two

i still cannot calculate

i still cannot calculate
the time of death when there is
an ocean between us. what
does it mean when i ask
when? and you say five
in the morning
. with time
no longer on anyone’s
side, a formulaic procedure
may not be such a crime
after all. tell me
you understand and can
take over because
i cannot read x from y
there is something
in my eye