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a set of stairs – an

awareness is not

awareness is not
action – this morning,
over the toilet bowl,
recognizing that the
body will eventually
act, revolt,
when administered
enough poison

we made a pact,

we made a pact,
twenty days
into the new year,
that we would keep
our resolutions
simple – just
stay alive
it’s quite
we’ve never
had to make
resolutions before

it turns out that our

it turns out that our
arms cannot keep one
another’s dragons
at bay. the evenings
are the hardest, as we
climb into bed, carrying
this new weight. the
mornings are the hardest,
as we wake up most
vulnerable, bracing
for a bruising day.
the hours in between
are the hardest, as we
try out every combination
of love and resistance,
endeavoring not to harm
each other in every way