Tagged: accumulation

it is stated in countless

it is stated in countless
handbooks and hazard
identification trainings
that whenever a dust
layer of as little as one-
thirty-second of an
inch accumulates,
immediate cleaning is
warranted to prevent
combustion. i had often
thought that somehow, this
pain would be
useful, drawing close
each layer like a
comforter, a coat,
an armor, a potential,
not knowing enough
about chemistry
and vents
and letting go


tucked into the best

tucked into the best
of memories are
unnameable aches,
ones that by chance
graze you in the
middle of the night,
so that you are
awake in the
dark, feeling
for the tape measure
you keep in your
nightstand drawer,
right next to the
wind-up flashlight,
weapons of self-
defense for
mitigating pain
with enough
workable data

getting to know one

getting to know one
another is a building
of reference points, a
folding in of
so that when we turn
towards each other,
we discover where
and who
we are, have a
better chance
at survival