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there are multiple

there are multiple
entrances and exits to
every city, and

which one you take depends on
everything and yet, nothing

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: depends

there are levels

there are levels
to these patterns
the human brain
sears onto a go-to
memory card
the image of
young urban
thing standing
in front of
the word trouble
i am asking you to
flip through several
cards down for
the one that is
grayer, with patterns
more painful
to access,
those invisible
interlocking systems

here we are, feeling

here we are, feeling
foreign again –
the door you
can breeze
through is closed
to me. research
shows that
walking through
a doorway makes
one forget. i’m
not expecting you
to remember,
to buck science

the best thing about

the best thing about
living near the pool is the
option to not get

into it whenever we
don’t feel like it, just like living

in the city, in
the center of town, is to
say no, thanks when guests

line up for the greatest in
architectural designer

statuesque extra-
vaganza. we can take a peek,
drop by, anytime