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on the fifteenth

on the fifteenth
anniversary, the thought
of you arranges
itself into the corners
of each hour, flashes
with so much
vibrancy and
color, it is a
wonder how two
people can live
together for a space
of time and be forever
stuck in the
past, a permanent


forgetting and

forgetting and
remembering are two
sides of the same
coin – there is
no remembering
without forgetting,
a lightening
of the heart

there is a light on

there is a light on
in the middle of the night,
only within
us, lying in our beds,
whispering across
the room, allowing
words to find
each other in the
dark, moving
towards a decision
that is more
living and less
remembering, one
year later, already so
urgently matter-of-fact

the days have fallen

(go down, build up)

(go down, build up)
flowing freely
our blood, a nation
stands still, we push it with
defense pacing erratically as the stream
our first line of
denying incomprehensively
allow them to run over
your eyes
raise spare hands to
the possibility of time
with toothpicks
while combing slowly
certain passes but calculated injury
of waiting, nothing
a mild detachment on the steps
to disregard, to record
such planning
rounding the corner of
raise both hands to your temples
read it backwards
turn it over
take this newly punctured seed
20010916:2125 read upwards

ten years later, we

ten years later, we
are sharing footprints
made while we ran,
pressed while we
stood still, the world
pausing to measure
its depths

we are remembering

we are remembering
and forgetting and
remembering all
the time, with
two beams churning
the night air, memories
stacked like stars