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there are at least four

there are at least four
hundred and twenty-
eight songs i no longer
play, not counting the
accidental shuffles, one-
point-one days of ditties
i will not d.j. for
guests nor the company
of one. between past and
present, there is a
gap, where last played
rehearses silently, confined
to a losing history


4:06 a.m., you ordered a

4:06 a.m., you ordered a
ballad, as if it were on the
menu, called for it like
we had just spun the
wheel of fortune, and we
landed fairly far
afield into the post-
9/11 inappropriate
Bangles, but you
whispered close enough
as though you knew Bette
Midler was queued up next,
and we were hours till dawn

against all odds was

against all odds was
playing at 4:04
a.m. when it happened –
with these things, it
could mean
and nothing –
perhaps we felt
the presence of
unknowing, and that
was enough for
a reach. even now,
i am still coming up
for air, listening for
and not seeing
there’s just
an empty space