we will look back and

we will look back and
name these moments as golden
so much gratitude

amidst pain and suffering,
loss and never going back


  1. JaDonnia B.

    That is overly optimistic about these times. It also depends on your perspective and lived experiences. For example, if you are black, certainly these aren’t ‘golden’ times. This is a time of positive transformation, moving away from former mindsets and practices that are inequitable.

    This is a time that we began doing the hard work of growing and evolving, and realizing all of that and those whom we took for granted. We will be able to look back at this entire decade as a transformative time. We will look back at this pandemic time and ask ourselves, in horror, “How could we?”

    I do appreciate the fact that this post evokes thought and conversation!

    • yi-ching lin

      I agree with your reflections, JaDonnia, and appreciate your thoughtfulness. My choice of the word “golden” includes acknowledging that the pandemic and the racial justice uprisings have made visible the very intentional choices (and policies) that led us here. And recognizing that means that we must commit to not going back, to “moving away from former mindsets and practices that are inequitable.” I also chose “golden” ironically, a reflection on the myth of the “Golden Age,” an era that was in fact not golden for everybody. I chose “golden” because there is a sickening optimism (as you rightfully named) in the use of the word, and we’ve received a tremendous gift and an opportunity for transformation at the great cost of so many, so much, for so long. Thank you for your read and for engaging!

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