sooner or later,

sooner or later,
or for some time already,
we will find ourselves
in the same shoes, one
against the faceless
many who conjure
corporate legalese
that secures them
a place at the table –
in the board room,
we are all little men,
and unforgetting
we do this to ourselves



  1. Jamison Annias Banks III

    I read this to mean that professionalism is a mask.

    Given an 8hour workday this means I spend a majority of my hours awake pretending to be someone im not. Can I play that game for another 40 years? It doesnt seem worth it, but ofcourse as I write this its a necessity. Thanks for sharing. Your poem helped me feel more connected to the world and less isolated from my peers.

  2. starseizes

    sorry if I have to comment here but what you said…
    Writer’s block is a real fake thing. It immobilizes, but doesn’t have to paralyze. Some words are just slower to come.

    thanks for this 🙂

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