from sunrise to

from sunrise to
sunset, we struggle
to say the things
we want to say,
chased down with
the words we
want to hear –
attention slacks
from so much


  1. JaDonnia B.

    Interesting take on self-expression and validation[my interpretation]. We all want to be validated in our perspectives, ideas, emotions, even choices and behaviors. The beauty of life and individuality is our uniqueness and opinions are equally individualized. So what, mistakes are made, people disagree, won’t or don’t share our views, validation ultimately comes from within. Then the pressure is off…be you, do you, and say what you mean/mean what you say…it’s all ok. You’re ok! I’m ok!
    Nailed it again!

  2. JaDonnia B.

    In the scheme of things, sunrises become sunsets, and that means that while we can experience those sunrises, make them count, authentically. There may or may not be another opportunity to be authentic, so why wait just to let sunset bring regrets to our life story. It’s not what you say, but how it’s said that counts, and that’s freedom indeed.

  3. yi-ching lin

    well-put! you’re right – there may or may not be another opportunity to be authentic! it’s a work in progress. thank you for sharing your thoughts. have a great weekend!

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