i am mostly afraid

i am mostly afraid
of having to call it
harassment –
i see you coming
and pull out
knowing still
that you won’t
stop until you
get an answer –
naming something
gives it breath,
and once again,
damned if you do
damned if you don’t



  1. 5h2o

    I am pretty much past this now. But when I was younger, street harassment was simply dehumanizing for me. I had hoped it was less awful now than it had been. But it seems it isn’t. Sorry! At least you have ear phones, I just had a ‘bitch-face’ to put on. 🙂 But that didn’t really do much good (it didn’t for me at least), as you note at the end of your poem.

  2. Orpheus Eye

    i am not afraid
    of dialing a call for
    hearing the space an
    answer provides the
    sky doesn’t lean on its side
    the ruthless-ness of
    clouds, not fooling our
    selves as we don’t stop
    because we can’t till
    our hearts actually do, and
    yet, look and see how
    to relate answers
    as a breadth of weather, the
    names of air exhale
    anyway inhale, I’m
    not a smoker

  3. francescalli

    Reblogged this on Francescalli and commented:
    This poem holds in it the dilema of speaking things out loud. There can be a dreaded solemnity of calling certain things what they are, thereby giving it an existence and adding your individual experience to a pile of preexisting context you never thought you’d associate with. I know this inner dissonance and so this poem speaks to me.

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